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We loved hearing your feedback from our last blog “6 Life Hacks To THRIVE During Quarantine”! So we put our top picks together and came up with a part 2. Time to explore all of the tips and tricks you need to feel good, and get back on track.

1. Meditate

We get it, this step isn’t for everyone- but the term meditation can be translated to practicing mindless, awareness and mental clarity. It doesn’t mean you have to sit in a quiet / dark room by yourself contemplating the meaning of life, but it couldn’t hurt to take a minute, practice breathing in and out, and think of all the things that you’re grateful for in the world. You’d be surprised how much impact a 5 minute breathing session can have on your work day!

Breathing exercises

2. Try a new favorite recipe

Quarantine is a time to get comfortable with yourself, to learn new skills, and to explore inwardly! So why not test out a new healthy recipe? Why not test a beginner recipe and see what all the hype is about! We’re here for it, and definitely encourage fuelling your mind and body with delicious recipes that are easy to make, guilt free, and won’t break the bank! Check out our food tab for everything you need to get inspired.

Woman cooking

3. Artistic unplug

Have you noticed zoom calls are more exhausting than meeting someone in person? Yep, us too- so to combat that, we suggest having an artistic unplug moment. Even if you’re not artsy, step awayyyy from the blue lights and try painting, drawing, stitching, flower arranging, or really whatever creative outlet speaks to you!

Flower arranging

4. Pick one task a day, and do it

Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than knocking something off of your to-do list! Whether you’re working from home or not, who doesn’t want to feel productive with their day? At the very least, you can look back and say “I did that today”- even if it’s something small like a load of laundry, weeding the garden, or dusting the house!

To-do list

5. Get up and learn something new

This could be anything from learning how to do a push-up in our Upper Body Challenge, or trying an online course. The important thing here is to not constantly be sitting at home leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re already an active person, maybe you want to learn a new language, or subject? If you have a desk job, and tend to be sitting for 7+ hours a day, why not try an at-home fitness routine- you’re only going to feel amazing afterwards, so why wait?!

Woman doing a pushup

6. Practice altruism

Which is just a fancy way of saying practice selflessness, compassion, and generosity! Altruistic behaviour promotes social connections, and when we’re self isolating, those connections are even more important. Helping others feel good creates a sense of belonging, helps reduce isolation, and makes the world a happier place- what’s not to love!

Be the change

So there you have it babe, our top 6 ways to not just survive quarantine, but come through it feeling like your best self! We know you got the extra time, so why not take advantage!

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