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Whether you’re quarantined alone or with family, one thing is for sure, we’ve ALL got a lot of time on our hands, so why waste it? Times like this can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, but now more than ever it’s important to take care of yourself, and focus on the positive! We’re in this together, and we’re definitely prepared to make the best out of a tough situation. So, if you’re ready to get motivated, be productive, and stay healthy, during quarantine, we suggest reading on for our top #6 tips and tricks!

1. Fortify Your Immune System!

It's important to boost your immune system, and the good news is, it's NEVER too late to start! We have so many options available to us, even during a quarantine. Whether you’re focusing on better eating habits, washing your hands, drinking herbal teas, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, sleeping more, or taking supplements- all are easy and cost effective ways of keeping your body healthy! 

Girl punching

2. Don’t Be Scared To DIY!

Girl, you’re never going to have more free time than you have now! With that said, why squander it? Whether you’re looking to vamp up your home storage, or build an inside herb garden, we’re 100% here for it! Our top suggestions include:

  • Plant a container indoor garden
  • Make a home movie theatre fort
  • Upgrade some old clothing with tie-dye
  • Restyle your furniture & bookshelves
  • Make your own soap, body butter, candles, and bath bombs
  • Painted wine glasses & coffee mugs

Gardening Inside

3. Focus On Mental Health!

Start off with creating a routine, whether it’s the one you use to have, or a new adaptation because you’re working from home, it’ll help give you direction, break up your day, and give you more control over your situation. We also recommend getting active, according to experts, just two weeks of inactivity could reduce your muscle mass and metabolism- at home workouts are definitely the way to keep you safe, and healthy. From there we also recommend keeping in communication with your loved ones (Margarita Mondays on Facetime, anyone?!), staying informed of what’s going on (but not overwhelmingly so), and lastly, reminding yourself WHY we’re doing this (on a mission to flatten that curve).

Facetime with family

4. Don’t Neglect The Physical!

More often than not, when referring to lock down, most information discusses your mental health, but neglect to mention your physical health! When we’re home all day, it’s easy to get into a neglectful routine. But just because the salon is closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t be pampered! We definitely recommend taking this time to reevaluate your daily routine. If you’re not an exercise class kinda girl, why not try yoga? If your back is hurting from the poor office set up, get up and stretch it out! Always love smokey eye / cat-eye looks when others do it, but hate it every time you attempt it? Take the time, youtube some tutorials, and MASTER that look! Why not do some research, and vamp up your all-natural skin routine, or get your toes sandal-ready?! Your options are endless, and needn't be costly!

Flat Tummy App Workouts

5. Speaking Of Your Home Office...

Depending on where you’re located, you could be heading back to the office next week, or in a few months. But if you’re still sitting on a wooden chair, with your laptop propped on 3 dusty encyclopedias, you’ve gone TOO LONG! Time for a makeover, stat! Some factors to focus on include:

  • A clutter free, and clean space away from your ‘living’ area to help promote focus, and keep a routine
  • A comfortable seat to avoid straining your back
  • Optimal lighting to keep the headaches away, and improve last minute zoom calls
  • Speaking of zoom calls, be sure to decorate the space visible to you and your co-workers with art or photos or inspirational quotes to facilitate creativity
  • Plants & greenery to increase productivity and efficiency

Home Office

6.  Game Night - Quarantine Edition!

Just because you’re inside, doesn’t mean you have to cancel game night! Grab your phone or your laptop, and your favorite board game. Schedule a night for your family and/or friends, and stick to it! One person can make the moves for everyone else, in a traditional board game. OR take it digital, and play something online! It’s a fun way to stay connected, without running out of things to say, and also have a little fun! If you’re not much of a ‘gamer’, put together a creativity box, and while chatting with the girls on facetime (White Wine Wednesday, anyone?!) try coloring, painting, drawing, or stitching- you won’t regret it! 

Girl journaling

Annnd there you have it, babes. A fail-proof map to get you through quarantine feeling energized, motivated, and healthy! We’re all in this together, so be sure to share with us any of your fav tips in our community forum

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