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Okay, you’re excited, you’re nervous, but you’re ready to CRUSH this fitness thing. But where do you start? Well, starting any new journey can be intimidating at first, but if you’re ready and prepared with a plan in hand, you’ll be smashing some goals in no time! Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide - designed to be YOUR best chance at sticking to your goals, and succeeding!

1. Track it, Record It, & Get That Selfie!

It’s super important to decide in the beginning how you want to track your progress. Though you won’t feel it in the beginning, every day your body will be going through little changes, that you might not catch without a tracker. Flat Tummy App is equipped with TWO progress trackers. One is for you to log your weight- if that’s what you’re looking to focus on, OR simply a photo progress tracker, for you visibly see how far you’ve come!

Flat Tummy Weight-loss Results

2. Baby steps & Small Wins!

When you’re starting out you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Setting your goals too high, or starting at an intense level will hurt your body, and your self-esteem. You’re pumped to be starting your fitness journey (we’re pumped for you!), but you need to walk before you run! In the beginning, any movement is good exercise. Focus on making time to workout, good form, proper modifications, and new healthy habits!

Girl working out

3. Healthy Habits Make a Winning Routine!

Super important step to any fitness journey. Getting back on track isn’t just about exercising- though that is the hard part! You want to make sure that you’re forming habits that support your fitness journey. The most important habits that you should focus on include proper sleep, staying hydrated, matching your diet to your fitness plan (Supplements + Protein Shakes are a great place to start), warming up before workouts AND cooling down.

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4. Plan Ahead & Set Yourself Up For Success!

We’ve all been in that position where we’re able to squeeze in a quick workout, but we forgot our sports bra, or a hair elastic at home. Bummer, right? WRONG. The best part about being able to workout anywhere, anytime, is the versatility of it! So before you leave your house, whether you drive or walk to work, always have a go-bag packed and ready, with your fav kicks and All-In-1 Leggings! Even a 10 minute workout is more effective than nothing.

Girl walking to the gym

5. Don’t Let the Setback Set YOU Back!

As with any journey, there’s always setbacks and mistakes that you can’t plan for, and will cause you to stumble. The important part is to get back up, learn from your mistakes, and push through it. If you’re prepared for it, then it won’t become the excuse you need to quit.

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6. Don’t Over-Do-It!

The best kind of exercise you could do, is one that YOU enjoy, and that makes you feel good. If you’re a beginner and just starting out, a HIIT workout plan is probably not in your best interest for the first few weeks. One of the most important steps to finding your workout routine, is to make sure you don’t hate it, and that the plan is right for you. Which is why we’ve created every 30 Day Challenge in our Flat Tummy App to include a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced program- so you can find what fits your body, your schedule, and your life.

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7. It’s More Than Weight Loss!

Weight loss and exercise are two completely different terms, and you need to keep them separate in your mind. Whether you’re exercising to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight, you need to think of it in terms of what you’re gaining every day, ASIDE from weight loss. Some of the daily exercise benefits include better sleep, feeling happier, more energized, and improved mental health.

Girl jogging outside

8. Who Are You Doing This For, Anyways?!

Any answer OTHER than yourself, is just unacceptable! Feeling good, looking good, and living a healthy lifestyle are all amazing reasons to workout, but YOU have to be your biggest reason, in order to stick with it. No one’s going to motivate you more than yourself- aside from us that is!

Woman meditating

There you have it! Now with everything written out and ready for you to tackle your new adventure, it’s not so scary is it?! Whether you’re starting out for the 1st time, or the 5th time, being prepared and following the steps above will provide you with your best chance of success! Annnnd if you ever have any questions, know we always got your back!


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