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Babe, just because you’re stuck inside it doesn’t mean you can’t be active! You’ve heard of Spin, HIIT, Yoga, and Zumba, but the latest Fitness Trend taking the health and wellness industry by storm is LISS Cardio! So what is LISS, and why is it trending? In this blog we broke down WHAT it is, WHY it’s so good for you, and whether or not the hype is justified, in just 2 minutes! The best part, you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Girls working out

What is LISS Cardio?

LISS stands for Low-Intensity Sustained State, but what does that mean? Essentially that’s defined as any cardio or aerobic based activity, that’s of a lower intensity, and performed for a longer period of time- generally 30-60 minutes. Despite currently being the most trendy fitness program, LISS has been around for decades and has been favored by many fitness professionals (more on WHY below!).Girl doing yoga

How does it differ from HIIT?

If HIIT were a sprint, LISS would be the marathon. HIIT workouts focus on quick bursts of high intensity with short rest periods in between. LISS workouts are less intense movements, for a prolonged period of time. If you pair them together, you’re likely to see results faster.Girl squatting in sand

Why is LISS Cardio so good for you?

There are SO many reasons why LISS Cardio is amazing for you, aside from the fact that general exercise is good for everyone! First off, it’ll help you build a ‘fitness foundation’. If you’re new to fitness, it’s a great place to start and get you out of your comfort zone. It’s also great for a long term commitment, because it’s easy to stick with and great for recovery in between other higher-intensity exercise sessions. So even if you’re just starting out, or more advanced, it’s a versatile method that can help burn body fat or increase blood flow to damage muscles.Girl smiling outside

Is it hard, or costly?

Depending on what methods you choose, LISS CARDIO needn't be expensive or difficult! You may have heard of curtsy lunges, reverse lunges, lateral lunges etc, which are all LISS exercises. You could get an expensive gym membership, and use cardio equipment at the gym. You could also use an at-home workout app such as Flat Tummy App that provides different LISS Cardio body-weight workouts for you to do in the comfort of your own home!Girl laying down with dog

Is it effective?

Abso-freakin-lutely! With little-to no effort, you could get results. The reason why so many people are favoring this style of workout is because you’re at lower risk of injury. It also helps that you still have the ability to build strength + endurance, and burn fat- all this while exerting the least amount of effort! Experts recommend pairing LISS exercises with more intense ones to avoid plateauing, which is why you should consider trying a fitness app for best results!Girl jumping

So what have we learned from all of this? If you’re just starting out, if you’re in an advanced fitness program, or even if you’re somewhere in between- LISS Cardio is suitable for all fitness and nutrition goals! Designed to help burn fat more effectively than higher-intensity workouts, it’s a super helpful form of exercise. So grab those brand new leggings that make you feel fine AF and let’s get a workout in, babe! 

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