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We all know squats are a helpful tool, but we have a few extra tricks up our sleeve to help you achieve those NEXT LEVEL booty gains. It definitely takes patience, hard work, and a lot of food (yes, food!), but girls, trust us when we say it’s SO worth it and you’ve got what it takes.

Glute Activation: 

Glute activation is a series of warm-up exercises that you can do before your workout sesh to ‘switch on’ the muscles you intend to work during your workout. Think of it like a morning coffee for your booty! If you don’t wake up your glutes before your workout, your glutes might not fire up correctly during your workout. When this happens, your body might use different and more dominant muscles, like your quads, to execute the movement.

Using body weight exercises (like in our app), gives you the ability to spark the mind-muscle connection by really focusing on the muscles you want to activate. Standard exercises like glute bridges, hip extensions, and body weight squats can activate your glutes and get them ready for leg day. 

Incorporate glute isolation exercises:

Isolation exercises are movements that focus specifically on one area of the body. We all know that squats are a booty staple, but as amazing as squats are, they’re not actually considered an isolation exercise! Squats work the glutes, but they also work your quads and hamstrings, making it a compound exercise. Ladies, DON’T DROP THE SQUATS! They still contribute to a perky peach, but there are other exercises you can incorporate into your workouts that REALLY focus on building that beauty of a booty. Glutes are kind of a tricky muscle to isolate but it is definitely possible.

Here are a list of our absolute fav glute isolation exercises to try:

  • Donkey Kicks
  • Glute Bridges
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Deadlifts 

Incorporate glute isolation exercises

Don’t forget about the Hamstrings:

Okay, here’s why you’ve still got to keep the squats going strong! Like we said before, squats not only work the glutes, but also your hamstrings. We promise, these muscles are JUST as important as your booty. Your hamstrings have three dominant muscles that attach at various points near the glutes. So, make sure you’re still getting your squat on, because it plays an important role in toning and shaping your butt too!

Don’t forget about the Hamstrings

Feel That Burn: 

Muscle soreness; it’s a literal pain in the butt. It’s due to small muscle fibre tears, created by doing exercises at the correct intensity. So, if you’re struggling to sit down the next day, CONGRATS babe, you’re killing it.

Feeling the burn the next day is a tell-tale sign that you’re doing exactly what you set out to do!


“Wait, what?!?!! You’re telling us to eat more?” Yasss! Shredding isn’t your friend when it comes to booty gains – so this is the fun part!

Your butt is made of glute muscles and a fat layer. To enhance the appearance of your butt, you not only need to increase the size of the glute muscles, you also need to add to that fat layer to make it appear round and shapely.

Your body needs more fuel in order to repair your growing muscles – but sorry girls, as tempting as it is, this doesn’t mean eating all the tasty junk food will be beneficial. Stay focused on eating healthy carbs around your workout (before and after) and eating plenty of protein, especially post-workout. Foods rich in protein, like our shake program, help increase lean muscle mass, and high-calorie healthy foods help add to that necessary fat layer.

Most importantly, do not ignore those hunger cues! If you’re still hungry after eating a meal, that’s your body’s way of saying “I need more food please!”

Listen to your body and eat accordingly.


Two Words – REST DAYS: 

We know what you must be thinking; “how am I supposed to build my booty while sitting on it?”. The reality is, rest is super important. Rest days are essential for muscle growth, so you HAVE to have some chill days on the schedule in order for that booty to grow. Your body actually builds muscles when you are resting, not in the middle of a workout. If you don’t take proper rest days, you will end up over training (it’s a real thing!) and your muscles won’t have a chance to re-build and repair, so they will just continue to break down.

So, no booty growth for you if you don’t rest properly!

Two Words – REST DAYS

Our MOST Important Tip of All – We’re all unique! 

Our most essential piece of advice - remind yourself daily, that ALL butts are beautiful, perfect and that every peach is unique in their own way. It’s amazing to have goals and to work towards something, but never forget to do it out of love and to feel freakin’ AMAZINGGG!

Our MOST Important Tip of All – We’re all unique!

Enjoy the journey and how your body looks and most importantly, FEELS, every single step of the way!

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