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We’ve all been there, we all have off days and sometimes we just don’t have the energy or motivation to workout - we get it. And to be honest, ladies - sometimes we need to take those days and just rest. BUT just like we have cheat meals (a babes can’t eat healthy allllll the time), we have a few cheat workouts too. Yep, they’re a thing. 

Cheat workouts are the workouts that don’t seem that hard or like you’re working out at all... Buuut you are. So they’re basically the BEST kind of workouts.

So next time you think about skipping your workout cause you don’t feel up to it - don’t. Do a cheat workout! Trick your body into doing something active and stay on track with your fitness goals. Here are a few activities you can try:

1. Casual bike ride

The best part about this is that it builds the booty AND keeps the tummy lookin’ flat. You can even get your bestie to go with you and make it into a hangout. You’re welcome. 

bicycle exercise

2. Swimming with friends

Okay, swimming is bomb for a couple reasons. You can make a whole day of it. You pretty much workout your ENTIRE body and it actually helps to cool you down on hot summer days. This one is a total win in our books.

3. Going for a walk with a friend

Sounds pretty basic, right? But hey, babe… if it’s going for a walk versus chillin’ on the couch watching Netflix - which one do you think is a better activity for our bodies. Yep, WALKING. So if it’s just not your day for a hard workout, that’s totally A-OK. Walking is better than nothing.


They might seem pretty basic - we know. But sometimes going back to the basics isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Moral of the story: Get up, get out and get going. You know what to do. 

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