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Here at FTCo we're all about supporting our girls (HE*L YA girl power!!) and empowering them to live happy and healthy lifestyles. We’re just like you babe, we’ve all been there and we totally understand the struggles with staying motivated throughout our days (annnnd during our Flat Tummy programs). Though rest assured, we’ve got 5 motivational tips for you to keep  keep you on your toes and crushing that tummy game plan (or just your everyday life).

Our first and BIGGEST motivational tip is to find your passion babe, look for inspiration. This might sound like a no brainer (yeaaah, we saw that eye roll) but finding that inspiration in your everyday tasks can be hard to do. Inspiration is a driving force that you can use to motivate and believe it or not inspiration is contagious (who knew?) When you come inspired it becomes easy to achieve goals.

Our second motivational tip is to keep your thoughts positive. We know this one can be a little bit tricky but trust us, it’ll make a HUGE difference (and you’ll feel better too). Positive statements can help you to challenge and overcome those tough obstacles (whether it’s that afternoon workout you’ve been dreading or big presentation coming up). Instead of thinking you “can’t” start thinking you “can” and when you repeat these positive thoughts, and believe them, you can start to see that positive change!

Our third motivational tip (and it’s another tough one), is to be your own biggest fan. If we’re being totally honest, we’ve all had those days where we feel it's just not worth it, we want to give up or we're not feeling our progress (annnnd let’s be real babe, we definitely don’t want that). But trust us babe, you’ve come a long way and you need to see that (even if it’s just taken  before photos and track yourself to look back on). The littlest reminds to see how far you've come, will 100% be enough to keep you going. Don’t be afraid of something you haven’t tried, and keep pushing forward! You’re the strongest babe we know and we know you can do anything you put your mind to.

Our fourth motivational tip is don’t obsess (easier said than done, yeah babe we know). Okay, okay, okay so obviously we’re not saying to not think about your goals or the means on how to achieve them but we are saying don’t spend too much time over it or it will bog you down. Don’t obsess over what anyone else is doing and try and remember that every body and every journey is different, and you're doing this for YOU not for anyone else. 

Our fifth (and fave) motivational tip is be grateful. Surprise, surprise, being grateful actually feels good. When you’re so focused on things that are wrong with your life, it becomes easy to lose focus. Gratitude increases physical and mental well-being, which in turn increases energy levels. Take each day one at a time and celebrate the little wins (we’re always in your corner rooting for you)! Just remember, slow progress is still progress babe, and you’ve got this.


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