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If you’re reading this, that means you’re a part of our exclusive app community andddd we know you’re all boss babes.... with boss babe schedules. That being said, there’s going to be days that no matter how much (or little) you want to complete your workout, your schedule will scream NOT TODAY. 

Of course in an ideal world we’d all be working out 7 days a week, eating only the best nutritional foods, and getting 8 hours of sleep every night, butttt sometimes reality sets in and it’s more like ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. BUT, just because you might not have time to fit in a workout, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some workouts into what you’re already doing. So that’s why we’ve come up with 5 exercise hacks you can do throughout your day to stay on track even with a 100 line to-do list. No worries, none of these will drastically change your routine, OR add any time to your already hectic schedule, they’ll just take a little extra motivation & dedication.     

First on the list and likely the easiest to add into your routine.. Calf raises while brushing your teeth. We already are brushing our teeth twice, maybe three times a day for two minutes at a time so instead of dozing off, get those calves working first thing in the AM and before you go to bed. I mean, even if you do 25 raises during each brush, that’s 50 calf raises a day that you weren’t doing before💪

Second, we’re all girls and we KNOW you’re checking yourself out in the mirror before hopping in the shower, sooo why not drop it down and do 15 squats🍑. You can still check yourself out, but now you’ll start seeing the results you’ve been looking for rather than wishing for them. 

pop down for a quick round of tricep dips on the side of your couch

Third, you know those guilty pleasure shows you loveeee to catch up on in the evening (hello This Is Us), instead of skipping through the commercials, pop down for a quick round of tricep dips on the side of your couch/bed. Common, if you have time for the show, you have time for the commercials!! 

Take 2 steps at a time

Forth, those already dreaded stairs at home, at work, at your fav coffee shop, challenge yourself.. take 2 at a time. And heck, if you’re feeling like a super women go that extra mile and add in a lunge - don’t worry about the few stares you might get at first, you’re just setting a good example and you’ll likely see others doing it by the end of the week🙌

Wash by hand

Last but not least, rather than taking the easy route after a busy day and throwing your dishes in the dishwasher, take a few extra minutes and wash them by hand!! It might not sound like much but if you’re anything like us here at HQ we use a lotttt of Tupperware AND those pots & pans can get heavy - it’s definitely a quick and easy arm workout. 

BONUS: DANCE. Folding laundry, cleaning on a rainy Sunday, or just in a damn good mood - put on your fav playlist and dance like nobody's watching!!💃🏻 

So, as you can see, even if you miss a workout or just want to go that extra mile in getting back on track, there’s no excuses for not getting a sweat on during your day!! Any time, any place - you got this girl.

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