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Ok, seriously - I know there is SOMEONE here, like me, who has had their black coffee and oats for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, healthy afternoon snack followed by a delicious veggie and fish dinner, only to be sitting on the couch at 9pm when it hits...the late night cravings.

I know you know what I’m talking about. Some cravings are severe, some are super random (we’re talking my strange addiction) but we’ve all been there. Luckily we’ve got 6 tips to help you keep these cravings in their place.

6 tips on how to tackle late night cravings

Tip #1 - Brush your teeth 

It sounds basic, but the impact is HUGE. Picture’ve eaten dinner, now you’re watching your fav show on TV, bedtime is quickly approaching and your boo thang comes into the living room with a fresh bowl of popcorn...UM YUM! So let's be real. Your yesterday self (who DIDN'T brush her teeth) might be like yep, that butter is calling my name. BUT if you actually brush your teeth after dinner, that fresh taste of mint from your toothpaste will often actually stop you from getting those cravings because honestly, butter and mint are not so yum together. Yep, problem solved!

Tip #2 - Take a look at your diet 

If you’re hungry at night, usually it means that you haven’t given yourself the necessary fuel to sustain yourself until bed. So it might be time to think about what you’re eating during the day. Dive into it - the good, the bad, the ugly and find out what you’re missing (p.s. It’s def not an extra donut). Sometimes what you eat late at night can also cause you to feel hungrier than usual in the mornings. It’s important to balance this out so you aren’t craving the wrong foods. Consider adding more protein and healthy fats to your meals throughout the day!

Tip #3 - DO something

There’s a reason experts tell us to avoid eating while watching television. When you’re bored and your mind isn’t stimulated, it’s easy to mindlessly eat. OR get so used to this being your usual routine that it feels WRONG when we’re not parked in front of the tv having our favourite snack of flamin hot cheetos (guilty 👋). So instead of sitting around, put down the remote and try going for a walk with a friend or plan your groceries for next week (don’t worry - it’s still ok to think about the snacks)! The main thing is to try and keep yourself BUSY and your mind off the snacks  - right up until you want to go to bed. 

Tip #4 - It’s all in the routine 

Umm ever hear the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail”? If you don’t plan out your meals in advance (both what you’re going to eat and WHEN you’re going to eat) trust us when we say you WILL end up eating all of the bad things...ALL OF THEM. Your body learns the routines you set in place, this goes farther than your sleep schedule and is true for your eating habits. Skipping a meal because you’re too busy can throw off your entire day and send your body into a state of confusion. If you’re notorious for forgetting to eat (we get it - you’re busy kicking ass and taking names all day) set little reminders for yourself or keep your snacks in sight - the visual reminder almost always does the trick!

Tip #5 - Have your healthy snacks on standby 

Sometimes self control fails and you’re only left with one option, to eat the freaking thing. But just to clarify, we’re talking ONE snack, not ten. It’s easy to get caught on the snack train and understandably… snacks are often convenient, small and add up quickly. So - what to do? Stay two steps ahead of yourself and have healthy options. Our favs? Protein bites, cheese strings, a Flat Tummy Shake or a piece of fruit!

Tip #6 - Water, water, water 

No matter how you take it… the delicious, cold, flavored or carbonated fountain of youth will never fail you. Having a glass of water helps to make you feel full and can really help you to cut down on snacking. Try having a large glass of water and wait a minute. If you’re still hungry - then give your body what it wants (not the french fries...we mean a healthy snack).

We know it’s tough to keep these cravings in check, but don’t forget to listen to your body! These cravings mean something, and everyone is different! You’ve got to find and understand the cause behind your cravings; it’s the first step to figuring out how to fight them off with something other than food! Of course you can’t ignore every single craving you have (we’re all human), but it’s essential to figure out WHY your body is sending these SOS feed me signals! Share with us on social or in our forum some of the ways you avoid late night cravings 🎉🙌

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