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In 2017 we were munching on avo toast, 2018 it was almond milk in EVERYTHING and 2019 kicked off the Kombucha craze. Which wellness trends can we expect in 2020?

We’re always on top of the trending-game, so we’ve lined up our top 8!


Intuitive eating is more than just a vibe, it’s all about eating in a way that promotes a healthy attitude towards food and body image. It’s about learning to trust your body's hunger signals while nurturing your body with the nutrients it craves! … Sometimes this is accidentally eating a box of donuts, and yep, we’re all about that balance!



Plant-based protein provides the building blocks for healthy muscles, and it's super beneficial for weight loss. Why you might ask? Compared to common animal proteins, it's lower in calories & fat, but higher in fibre & essential nutrients. You know that’s a big YES from us! We’ve packed our shake program with 20 grams of plant based protein and it’s clear the results totally kicks a$$!

Bright roasted veggies


2020 we’re all about those 30 minute equipment-free workouts to keep us feeling freaking fine! Our app is designed to help you hit your fitness & nutrition goals, anywhere, anytime! Yep, no more clunky equipment or planning ahead, you can workout in the comfort of your own home, work, park or while you travel around!

Girl posing with Flat Tummy App


Alright girls... how many hours a day do you spend scrolling that IG feed?
Last year we were busy keeping up with our fav puppy vids & travel accounts, while hours just flew by. We’re switching off in 2020; we’re out to live in the moment, and experience our best lives! Not to mention, limiting screen time can improve sleep, mental health and concentration.

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Permission to nap more in 2020... granted! When it comes to health and fitness, sleep is literally just as important as regular exercise and healthy eating. Sleep helps to repair the body and get you ready to smash out your tomorrow!! When you’re tired you snack more, exercise less and struggle to concentrate. Snuggle down and get some ZZZZZ’s, babe- your body will thank you.

Girl napping


Clear off that to-do list, and add YOU to the top of it. It may seem small, but slowing down helps you deal with stress, recover mentally & physically, make the right choices and bonus: have time for yourself! Don’t pack too much into your day and start enjoying those life moments. This will freshen up your mental health and give your life a little more clarity.

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Yep, you’ll be hearing all about gut health again in 2020 and nope, it’s not stopping at Kombucha! Babes around the world are loading up on foods like Kefir, Sauerkraut & Kimchi to help improve their digestion, maintain a healthy weight, and keep their immune system in check! Bloating is the freakin worst, so be sure to add our Original #1 Detox Tea to your routine!

Cutting cabbage


Healthy mind means a healthy body, and our squad is totally into it!! Meditation is the perfect way to help improve both your mental & physical state. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and slowing down your breathing for a few minutes. A little meditation can help to relieve anxiety, help us make better decisions and get our motivation levels HIGHHH! A healthy mindset is going to help us take on the world in 2020!

Breathe quote

BAM! So there you have it babes our top 8 wellness trends of 2020! If you have any personal health trends comment below so we can share them with the squad!

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