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When it comes to finding the motivation to hit the gym - the struggle is real. We can totally relate. Here are 7 of the most common exercise excuses and easy ways to beat them!

1. Too tired after a long day.

Trust us babe, we’ve been there! When you’re feeling drained, you just want to relax and the last thing you want to do is put on workout clothes and head to the gym. WE GET IT. The truth is, you’ll never feel ‘worse’ after a workout. Why’s that? Because working out releases endorphins, and gets you energized!

Girl napping

2. I have no time / too busy to workout.

It’s tough to hear, but the truth is, if you have time to watch an episode of your fav show - you have time to squeeze in a workout! Even a 10 minute HIIT session is better than nothing - and we have one you can try here. No time for TV? You can still find ways to fit exercises into your daily routine - find our blog post on that here.

Alarm clock

3. I hate working out alone.

Then don’t! Working out alone can be boring - we agree! Use Flat Tummy App to workout anytime from the comfort of your BESTIES own home. Not only will it make working out more fun, but it will also help keep you accountable. With Flat Tummy App, you can also join our Babe Nation forum, so you can share advice, as well as tips and tricks to getting back on track! You’re not alone babe, we got your back.

Besties working out togther

4. I can’t afford a gym membership.

Hitting the gym isn’t the only way to get in shape, girl! There are plenty of ways to burn those calories for FREE - like hiking, walking, and going for a run. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money, download our fitness app which provides you with customized Fitness & Nutrition for as low as $0.33 a day! It includes guided workouts, personalized meal plans, and everything YOU need to hit your goals!

Piggy bank

5. I don’t enjoy working out/ Working out is BORING.

There are so many ways to make working out more fun. Some people enjoy HIIT workouts, while others enjoy yoga or lifting weights. Everybody is different, just keep trying until you find something that suits you! Another way to make working out more enjoyable is listening to your fav podcast, or watching a tv show while running on the treadmill. Try mixing it up your environment by exercising outside, or with a fitness class!

Girl outside stretching

6. I get intimidated easily at the gym.

We get it babe- walking into a crowded gym and not knowing how to use any of the equipment can be so overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is that everyone was new at one point, and everyone asks for help at some point. If the gym isn’t your thing, consider trying at home workouts! It’s super simple, and equipment free with Flat Tummy App!

Girl Finishes Flat Tummy App Workout

7. I’m just not motivated.

This one can be tricky, because something different motivates everyone! A few suggestions we have? Take a before photo as you start. Just 2 weeks of lifestyle changes can have you feeling (and seeing) a difference! We also recommend taking pictures during your journey, to really keep you motivated! Another suggestion is to set goals (attainable ones) and remind yourself of them daily. As you start smashing these goals, cross them off your list!

Flat Tummy App Before and After

Ready to start crushing your fitness & nutrition goals? We’re definitely here to help! Whether you’re starting or returning to your fitness journey, Flat Tummy App makes getting back on track user friendly! You’ve got a community of 3.5 million women who got your back!

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